How to start a mini storage business

How to start a mini storage business

Starting mini storage businesses is a big trend at the time. But while growing popularity does make it harder to succeed in the market, there are definitely some ways you can increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to stay in the game after launching your business. We have gathered some useful tips to help you achieve just that, so make sure you read to the end to be well prepared for your ventures. 

Why Start a Mini Storage Business?

Some people have a lot of stuff. They have a hard time figuring out what to do with all the clutter and junk that they have accumulated throughout their lives. Others, however, don’t have a lot of stuff, but just want to free up some space. These two groups resemble the greatest part of your target audience, and there could be good money in it once you get the ball rolling and establish yourself as a good local mini storage. 

Heading a mini storage can also be a quite fascinating venture that exposes you to all kinds of… stuff. You’d be amazed at all the things that people hoard over the years – and how eager they are to get rid of it when “things have gone too far,” according to themselves (or their wives, in case it’s men who come with stuff to store). 

Step-By-Step Procedure to Starting A Mini Storage Business

To get off the ground with your mini storage, it can help to have a general outline of the steps you need to take to get there:

#1: Research and identify your niche

Who will be your target audience: Rich or poor, men or women, young or old – or does it even matter; will you just provide simple storage rooms for everyone at a reasonable price? 

#2: Calculate the amount of money you need to start your venture

Things you need to considering when calculating the costs of your mini storage startup include the rent, containers, building each storage room (in case they’re not predetermined), keys and locks, staff, and more. 

#3: Decide on a location for your mini storage business

Can you find a cheap enough place to have your business in the city center, or might you have to move a bit further out? A general rule of thumb is you should try to stay as close to where most people are, so that it will be easy for them to drop things off at your storage.

#4: Start buying or renting lockers

Can you buy ready-made lockers, or even rent them (with a profit)? The easiest thing might be rental in the beginning, and as you move along, you can start buying or building them yourself. 

#5: Advertise your service online and through flyers

It doesn’t cost many bucks to set up your own website so you can start advertising your new mini storage. You can learn to do it all on your own, or you can order help with Website Design on Fiverr or other freelance sites (which is usually quite cheap). 

Some must-haves for your new startup mini storage 

Creating a startup mini storage is a challenging task. There are a lot of things to take care of during the process. We have listed the must-haves for your new startup mini storage that will be helpful when starting it.

The first call to good mini storages is to make them easy to use for your client. According to a successful mini storage firm in Norway, Flexistore AS, who operates minilager Oslo, it’s very important to have an app and digital key on the phone that clients can use to access their storage room. You can’t always be sure that you’ll remember to bring all keys with you everywhere, but we bet you can when it comes to your phone – hence why it’s an easier solution. 

A startup mini storage should have an excellent security and surveillance system in place. The security should be able to monitor the area at all times and detect any intruders in no time. It should also consist of an alarm system that sends alerts to the owner in case of an intruder or fire, so they can take appropriate measures for safety.

The storage unit should also have effective temperature control systems installed in order to avoid any damages from heat or cold, which would make it unsafe for storing goods.

The lighting system should be bright enough and provide visibility because it can otherwise be hard for your clients to find their stuff. Given people’s tendency to not be very tidy with their “stuff,” it helps to have good lighting to find it all a month or a year later.

Following the advice in this article will set you well on your way to succeeding with your own mini storage business!

Nor Klinikken in Norway is rapidly becoming the industry leader within physical therapy

When it comes to physical therapy clinics, there’s a lot of competition on the market. Some of the tools that modern clinics have to use in order to gain a competitive advantage, includes cross-competence and a lot of modern equipment.

Clinics in Scandinavia are spearheading the development of top modern, highly effective centers where people can improve their health. In this short article, we will explore how Nor Klinikken in Norway is rapidly becoming the industry leader within physical therapy. But first, an introduction.

About the clinic

Nor Klinikken have two departments in Norway, one in Sandnes and Sandefjord.

Nor Klinikken Avd. Sandnes gruppebilde

Nor Klinikken Sandnes provides their customers with physical therapy, chiropractor, personal training, massage therapy to name a few.

Nor Klinikken avd. Stavanger

Nor Klinikken Stavanger provides with even a bigger assortment of consultation and treatments, physical therapy, chiropractor, personal training, message therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, naprapathy, ultrasound.

At Nor Klinikken, the main focus is on choosing the correct diagnosis from the very first consultation. To achieve this, the clinic has developed as a modern, cross-competent place with two departments consisting of chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, personal trainers, and doctor specialists.

They offer quick treatment with individual facilitation of the course of treatment, in order to make people healthy as fast as possible. They strive to offer a high professional level, as well as the newest and best equipment which can help the patient most effectively.


When you want to solve a physical health problem, what do you usually do? You go to a specialist, whether it’s a chiropractor for your back, an acupuncturist for your body tension, or a personal trainer for your bones. And what usually happens? You pay a lot of money out of your pocket in order to pay for expensive treatment, and you don’t even know if it will help you. It may take months, even years for you to realize that you went to the wrong specialist.

At Nor Klinikken, the goal is to avoid such mistakes. They achieve it by gathering a highly competent team from different disciplines in one place, so that they can learn from each other, offer insights, and discuss the problems patients are having. In this way, they gain a much deeper and cross-competent understanding of the most common health problems people face.

Modern equipment

Another factor which plays into the clinic’s rise as the industry leader within physical therapy, is the commitment to modern equipment.

For example, the team at Nor Klinikken has specialized in using ultrasound scans to diagnose muscular and skeletal disorders. This goes much deeper into the human body than our eyes ever will, and gives us insights about underlying causes of our most pressing aches and pains. We might feel pain in our backs, and think that if we just stretch it out some more, have a chiropractor work on it, and sit more straight, we will solve the issue. But what if the problem isn’t stemming from the back itself, but rather, from a misalignment in the hips, or a hormonal disorder which is causing the joints in the whole body to weaken and, in some places, collapse?

Nor Klinikken has found a success recipe that other clinics in Scandinavia and the world should start modeling. By placing highly educated and competent experts from different fields in the same team, and staying on top of the technological developments within physical therapy, they are a lighthouse for the rest of the industry.

How a Norwegian IT company is revolutionizing the student industry

Student looking at the camera

SmartEmploy is a groundbreaking innovation that students can benefit from in their search for their dream job. In fact, this Norwegian IT company is revolutionizing the student industry as we know it today.

Their goal is to make it easier for apprentices to find an apprenticeship. These days it takes a lot of time to find an interesting company to work for. Way too many students aren’t able to find an apprenticeship at all! The process is often hard and frustrating. A sad reality is that these challenges often lead to students not doing an apprenticeship at all, and instead going on to find some easier job which isn’t on par with their actual qualifications.

The employers themselves find it hard to find good apprentices, or they have little knowledge about the apprenticeship program. Through greater knowledge about the program, and help in becoming certified as an apprenticeship business, SmartEmploy should be able to increase the number of apprenticeship businesses a great deal. Combined with taking their 4 short tests and making your Automagic-CV, students increase their chances for finding a business which is looking specifically for them.

Character vs grades

In Norwegian, the word for “character” and “grades” is the same. No wonder the northmen are confused about the merits they should be testing when looking for ideal apprentices, when they don’t have a clear difference between the word that denotes school smarts and the one which refers to their personality and makeup.

This is one of the reasons that SmartEmploy has created a psychometric test, which will make it possible for students to show a holistic picture of themselves, and which will make the apprenticeship business more interested in taking them in. No longer do students have to be hired entirely based on grades or the number of days they’ve shown up for school. The big picture is becoming more and more important.

How are students matched after their CV report is ready?

Picture of the CV the students are getting

The apprenticeship company is asked to list their vocational subjects, job roles, and work location. Students move on to the next step if their preferred job-municipality matches the company’s location. BestMatch will from there be calculated based on a match between the company’s criteria (vocational subject and job role) and a weighted score of the students’ test results and main character. If they end up among the 3 best matches, they are shown to interested companies across the whole country. An interested company will then contact the students for further conversation and a potential apprenticeship.

Who are they?

SmartEmploy is a slightly different training office, registered in Viken, with their address in Bærum municipality. Their team consists of a varied group of people. To mention some of their makeup, they have a psychology specialist, a professor of social economics, IT teachers, a successful entrepreneur of a CV writing company,  and more. Together, they are a Norwegian IT company which is revolutionizing the student industry.

Business Tips that Every Budding Entrepreneur of Small Businesses Can Use

Business Tips

Getting a small business rolling on the floors and keeping it afloat is no cakewalk. Every business entrepreneur faces several challenges and impediments on the road to success. From arranging funds to pooling in the right talent, there are several factors that a small business entrepreneur must take into consideration. The idea of putting this article together is to furnish a few tips and tricks that would help every budding entrepreneur to get their small-scale business plan into action.

Learn, Learn, Learn:

The first thing that you must do is learn all that you possibly can and from every source. Leave nothing and read everything that is even remotely related to your business. Listen to people speak. You might also want to attend seminars and conferences where you can listen to the experts speak. There is a lot to unlearn, learn and absorb before you get your ideas moving. And therefore, you must absorb all that you can before starting with your business.

Test the Waters

Test the Waters:

Always know who your target audience is and test the waters where you want to launch your product or service. Understanding the pulse of your audience is crucial so that you have no surprises about your audience. You already know how the market is like, and you know what to expect. Running a few surveys and testing your product and service on a small cohort shall help you devise your strategies well and solidify your footing in the market. Therefore, perform optimal competition analysis and test the waters of the market before you launch the business.

Factor in All the Costs:

It is very important that you factor in every cost, the major ones as well as the small ones, in the business plan. Unless you are clear about the areas where you need to spend, you shall be unable to come up with an estimate for your business. Factoring in every cost becomes all the more important when you have a small business to run. You cannot afford to lose out on profits and neither can you afford to run into major losses.

And Finally, Have a Backup Plan:

Perhaps the most important factor to have in place is a backup plan and an exit plan. You might run into unwarranted risks and start losing out on money more than you had fathomed. In such a case, you might have to dip into your recovery or backup pool of resources that shall cover for you for some time. Get the right insurance policies to cover for your business. These policies come incredibly handy when you have an emergency situation. The insurance policies will help you stay put and keep you cushioned from the losses.

Global Business Trends that Shall Make Headlines through to 2022 and Impact Growth

Business Trends

The business world is always inundated with the latest economic and technological trends. And in order to survive in the rat-race of reaching the elusive winning goal, it is important to keep an eye for these trends and implement them in the business strategy too. Speaking of which, in this article, we shall discuss some of the most important business trends that are pushing the headlines this year and are expected to make it through to 2022. These trends are doing exceedingly well in the business world and are expected to impact growth in the years to come. Therefore, let us now dive straight in and examine these trends in their significant details.

Increased Use of Cutting-Edge Technology:

These are the times of AI and Cloud Computing. However, we are inching towards a world where human power is now being replaced by cutting-edge technology. The trend has done well so far and is expected to continue its upward rise in the years to follow. Though, human beings shall still find jobs and uses in the business world, some of the most brilliant innovations in technology are going to bring more efficiency in the work environment.

Mobile Internet is Making Progress in Strides

Mobile Internet is Making Progress in Strides:

The second trend that can be observed in the business world is the increasing use of mobile technology and mobile internet. Websites are optimizing their pages for mobile, and there is a lot more that one can surf, download and store with the help of mobile internet. Connections are super-fast, and working on the go is now easy and a more comfortable option.

Big Data Has Emerged As the Big Trend:

The availability of Big Data is now a global trend and one that cannot be ignored any longer. Major companies, all across the world and from several verticals, are now entering into the domain of Big Data analyses. This is going to be the trend for the next few years too, and companies are going to benefit significantly from the Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay

Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay:

Artificial Intelligence has become an intrinsic and integral part of our lives. It is here to stay and shall make more advancement. AI has taken the burden off the shoulders of executives and employees by coming up with detailed project reports, solutions for problems and several other things. It is now an indispensable part of any business, and industries cannot function without it.

Wrapping Up:

These are the three most important trends that we need to keep an eye out for. Some of these trends are showing marked results already, and it is now only a matter of time until we understand how these trends shall impact growth through 2022.