How a Norwegian IT company is revolutionizing the student industry

SmartEmploy is a groundbreaking innovation that students can benefit from in their search for their dream job. In fact, this Norwegian IT company is revolutionizing the student industry as we know it today.

Their goal is to make it easier for apprentices to find an apprenticeship. These days it takes a lot of time to find an interesting company to work for. Way too many students aren’t able to find an apprenticeship at all! The process is often hard and frustrating. A sad reality is that these challenges often lead to students not doing an apprenticeship at all, and instead going on to find some easier job which isn’t on par with their actual qualifications.

The employers themselves find it hard to find good apprentices, or they have little knowledge about the apprenticeship program. Through greater knowledge about the program, and help in becoming certified as an apprenticeship business, SmartEmploy should be able to increase the number of apprenticeship businesses a great deal. Combined with taking their 4 short tests and making your Automagic-CV, students increase their chances for finding a business which is looking specifically for them.

Character vs grades

In Norwegian, the word for “character” and “grades” is the same. No wonder the northmen are confused about the merits they should be testing when looking for ideal apprentices, when they don’t have a clear difference between the word that denotes school smarts and the one which refers to their personality and makeup.

This is one of the reasons that SmartEmploy has created a psychometric test, which will make it possible for students to show a holistic picture of themselves, and which will make the apprenticeship business more interested in taking them in. No longer do students have to be hired entirely based on grades or the number of days they’ve shown up for school. The big picture is becoming more and more important.

How are students matched after their CV report is ready?

Picture of the CV the students are getting

The apprenticeship company is asked to list their vocational subjects, job roles, and work location. Students move on to the next step if their preferred job-municipality matches the company’s location. BestMatch will from there be calculated based on a match between the company’s criteria (vocational subject and job role) and a weighted score of the students’ test results and main character. If they end up among the 3 best matches, they are shown to interested companies across the whole country. An interested company will then contact the students for further conversation and a potential apprenticeship.

Who are they?

SmartEmploy is a slightly different training office, registered in Viken, with their address in Bærum municipality. Their team consists of a varied group of people. To mention some of their makeup, they have a psychology specialist, a professor of social economics, IT teachers, a successful entrepreneur of a CV writing company,  and more. Together, they are a Norwegian IT company which is revolutionizing the student industry.

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