Nor Klinikken in Norway is rapidly becoming the industry leader within physical therapy

When it comes to physical therapy clinics, there’s a lot of competition on the market. Some of the tools that modern clinics have to use in order to gain a competitive advantage, includes cross-competence and a lot of modern equipment.

Clinics in Scandinavia are spearheading the development of top modern, highly effective centers where people can improve their health. In this short article, we will explore how Nor Klinikken in Norway is rapidly becoming the industry leader within physical therapy. But first, an introduction.

About the clinic

Nor Klinikken have two departments in Norway, one in Sandnes and Sandefjord.

Nor Klinikken Avd. Sandnes gruppebilde

Nor Klinikken Sandnes provides their customers with physical therapy, chiropractor, personal training, massage therapy to name a few.

Nor Klinikken avd. Stavanger

Nor Klinikken Stavanger provides with even a bigger assortment of consultation and treatments, physical therapy, chiropractor, personal training, message therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, naprapathy, ultrasound.

At Nor Klinikken, the main focus is on choosing the correct diagnosis from the very first consultation. To achieve this, the clinic has developed as a modern, cross-competent place with two departments consisting of chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, personal trainers, and doctor specialists.

They offer quick treatment with individual facilitation of the course of treatment, in order to make people healthy as fast as possible. They strive to offer a high professional level, as well as the newest and best equipment which can help the patient most effectively.


When you want to solve a physical health problem, what do you usually do? You go to a specialist, whether it’s a chiropractor for your back, an acupuncturist for your body tension, or a personal trainer for your bones. And what usually happens? You pay a lot of money out of your pocket in order to pay for expensive treatment, and you don’t even know if it will help you. It may take months, even years for you to realize that you went to the wrong specialist.

At Nor Klinikken, the goal is to avoid such mistakes. They achieve it by gathering a highly competent team from different disciplines in one place, so that they can learn from each other, offer insights, and discuss the problems patients are having. In this way, they gain a much deeper and cross-competent understanding of the most common health problems people face.

Modern equipment

Another factor which plays into the clinic’s rise as the industry leader within physical therapy, is the commitment to modern equipment.

For example, the team at Nor Klinikken has specialized in using ultrasound scans to diagnose muscular and skeletal disorders. This goes much deeper into the human body than our eyes ever will, and gives us insights about underlying causes of our most pressing aches and pains. We might feel pain in our backs, and think that if we just stretch it out some more, have a chiropractor work on it, and sit more straight, we will solve the issue. But what if the problem isn’t stemming from the back itself, but rather, from a misalignment in the hips, or a hormonal disorder which is causing the joints in the whole body to weaken and, in some places, collapse?

Nor Klinikken has found a success recipe that other clinics in Scandinavia and the world should start modeling. By placing highly educated and competent experts from different fields in the same team, and staying on top of the technological developments within physical therapy, they are a lighthouse for the rest of the industry.

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